works on paper

Don't Mess Friend Side by Side The New Way Go to the Sea How Many Greens 2 Is the Sea Watching Sit Grey To the Sea Study Drawing for Aretha Study Drawing for Roy Study Drawing for Edith Study Drawing for Elvis Red Wine A Kind of Fire A Little Crazy All Things Name Themselves A Map of Clues Before Black Ostrich Black and White and Color Both Sides Bush on Fire Chapters (32 Works on Paper) Contents of the Cupboard Creatures at Table Dishonest Drawing for 'Her Room' Drawing for 'Holes' (Penance) Drawing for 'Holes' (I Have Changed My Mind So Many Times) Drawing for 'Holes' (Local Fear/Lately) Drawing for 'Virginia Woolf’s Last Letter' Drawing for 'Virginia Woolf’s Last Letter' Equations I Just Don't Know or In Other Words: No Answers Fine Line Geneva History of Paintings (20 Works on Paper) Horizon on Fire Hot Water (2) Hours Jane Says Knees Language is Limited Let Sleeping Lift Looking Making Stuff My Own Ghost...Morning Colors My Table is My World Objects as a Portrait Personal Objects of the Dogs Smoke Shadow Picture Window Read Small Ball Two a Pair Untitled Untitled (Black) Untitled (Black A. B.) Untitled (The Laundry I Do For G.) Untitled (study for 'Listen'), side one Untitled (study for 'Listen'), side two Untitled (People Need to Dream) Untitled (Yellow) Wedgewood's Jug Wishbone Without Work 1 Is Burning Amulet Portriat of the Player The Double Vessel