RECENT Paintings, 2010 - 2023

NewSongs EyeRmbrnt History Just Noticeable Difference Lost Touch Pattern Chatter Silence Words Fail Words Fail Me If Not Now When Again No Seven Home Now Then We Must Will It Need Care and Luck Need Want Thing Among Things Season of Corruption Message in a Bottle Freedom To Freedom From Believe We Still Have Music Unlock Love Send Help New Narrative Elvis No Longer John Lewis is My Hero One For Tools for Poetry Can't Forget March Through Life Loss Pants on Fire 34 Pants on Fire 2 Pants on Fire 47 Pants on Fire 60 Big Baby How Our Minds Work Want Little Baby Nina From Far Away Boys Planet Almost Perfect Bob Once Young Dreams Baby Many Selves Nearly Perfect Trip A Little Sad Sad Alone Little Girls Small Toile Ray of Light Common in Ten Languages Two of Everything A Little Love Baby Blue Our Reality Love Frank Lucky Dog Chart Bobby Night Short Shuffle Life Unseen A Little Sad Toile Ships Tools Girls All Here Beautiful Language Be Funny Big Tiny Buddha Head Candelabra Study Little Boys Catch Light 2 Coast Shuffle Colour Wheel Confidence Flourish Gently on the Sea Get Good Get Off Gold Light Hard to Leave Here is Here Insight Is There Here Mars Mistake Navigate No Side 2 Our Beautiful World Risk is Not Ship Ship #2 Sinking Sink Swim Space and Art Star Chart The Sea is in Between What is It